5 Habits That Doubled My Dental Practice Production

Habits to increase your dental practice

The 5 habits that led to my success

At the beginning of every new year, I like to reflect on what I have accomplished over the year both personally and professionally. High-performing professionals often focus on the journey ahead instead of appreciating their progress. This week, I realized that my practice production had doubled since becoming a solo owner five years ago. Here are the five habits that led to my success.

1. Enhancing the Patient Experience

I thought through the patient experience at my office from the first phone call to the check-out experience and everything in between. We practiced verbal skills with my team, cross-trained everyone to answer the phone in a friendly way, and personalized each patient’s experience. Slowing down and asking patients about their past dental discomforts left a lasting impression.

2. Involving the Team in Decision-Making

When I needed to update my practice, I involved my team in the decision-making process. We held weekly meetings to discuss my vision and design the path forward together. This approach built trust and psychological ownership, making the team act as if they owned the practice.

3. Hiring Based on Personality

I prioritized hiring friendly individuals, even if they had little to no experience. Although training and educating these new hires required a significant time investment, they became the next generation of top dental providers and eventually assumed teaching roles as my practice grew.

4. Promoting Leaders from Within

As my practice expanded, I promoted leaders from within. My practice manager, lead assistant, and lead hygienist are all veterans of my practice, and their familiarity with my approach allows them to make decisions independently, freeing up my time.

5. Creating a Calming Practice Environment

I designed a physical practice space that is calming and home-like to combat dental anxiety. We used warm colors, soft lighting in non-clinical areas, and stored materials with strong odors in tightly sealed containers. Patients often compliment the calming atmosphere of the practice.

Doubling a business’s production requires a well-thought-out vision and an engaged team working in unison. With these five habits, you too can achieve remarkable growth in your dental practice.